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Having worked with many agents in Fairfield I can confidently say that Kimberly is easily the most competent. She appoaches real estate with a sage market insight and a no nonsense attitude. Her flexibility, easy-going manner is a refreshing change in the ever more hectic society. Kimberly is smart, well-informed and brings much more then merely the keys to the real estate transaction. We were struck by the level of effort Kimberly undertook to make our home purchase as easy as possible for us.

Thank you Kimberly, Jennifer Boyd-M

I strongly recommend my colleague Kimberly Gomes. We worked together for Coldwell Banker in Westport and in order to work sucessfully in Real Estate with a colleague they have to know their business. Kimberly Gomes knows the real estate business. Kimberly makes negotiations for buyers, sellers & fellow Realtors a professional experience, which leads to sales. Kimberly is a very hard worker. I enjoy working with a person of her caliber. Kimberly is goal driven and gets results. I always look forward to working with Kimberly & when a real estate colleague is respected by their fellow Realtor, it means the transaction between a seller and buyer, of which one of them represents, will close.

Doris Rowe

Thanks Kimberly,

We will always remember how you 'came to bat' for us.

Fondly, The Sahagians

When my wife and I decided to sell our house and move to something with more space, we weren't sure what to expect. Kim took the time to sit down with us and answer every question we had, never pushed us or rushed us into any decisions and provided the expertise and savvy that we were looking for when we decided to move. Kim's work ethic is unparalleled and her commitment to her clients is evident in the amount of time and effort she puts forth in bringing results. She worked tirelessly with the other agents before, during and after the negotiations. She assisted in coordinating efforts between the Attorneys and, most importantly she was always there when we needed her. Buying and selling a home is one of the most important things you can do, and you want an expert to be there with you to guide you through the process. Someone to explain how the process works, to be there when you need them, and to show you the pros and cons of a home while still allowing you, the buyer, to make the ultimate decision. This is what Kim did for us and we highly recommend her. Thanks Kim, for being a great agent and an even better friend. I know I've been a pain but you've been awesome dealing with me.

Best, Jason M